Holistic Tick Repellent


I have been using Frontline pretty regularly for a few years.  While it is effective once the tick bites the dog, I have numerous times found ticks on myself or on my furniture that came from the dog before the tick bit the dog.  These ticks obviously pose a threat to myself and my family.  I decided to try Dharma Tick Repellent, and I have found it to be quite effective in keeping Ticks off my dog, thereby keeping them out of my home.  I am also pleased that it is non-toxic, unlike standard commercial brands on the market.

Michael Missailidis

I have two Springer Spaniels that spend a lot of time running through woods and fields in Connecticut, where there is a heavy tick population.  I used to use K9 Advantix, but still found ticks on the dogs, and they hated it.  I switched to Seresto collars, which proved partially effective, but again, I was still finding ticks.  Since I added Dharma Herbs tick repellent I have not found any ticks, even when hiking in very heavy tick areas.  All natural product, too, without toxins used in other tick remedies.

Jane V.