About Us

Dharma has been immersed in the knowledge of herbs since she was a little girl. Growing up in the countryside of Czech Republic, she learned the secrets Mother Nature has to offer from her Grandmother, a respected herbalist in her village. Dharma did not only learn how to harvest, clean, store and process herbs properly, but she also studied how to create products with healing properties for her family, friends and their pets. Her passion for her craft stems from not only the art of working with nature and in natural environments, but also because she has experienced and witnessed the proof that these products really work! She is now driven with a purpose: to educate others about natural, clean living for all creatures big and small and to help provide the essential tools to achieve optimum holistic goals.
Dharma is also well known for her culinary expertise. She creates wholesome, organic vegan recipes with a presentation fit for the cover of a gourmet magazine. Her other interests include: gardening, hiking, painting, music and spirituality. She also studies nutrition for dogs.